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BRASERO: A resource for benchmarking RNA secondary structure comparison algorithms

Julien Allali , Cédric Saule , Cedric Chauve , Yves d'Aubenton-Carafa , Alain Denise , et al.
Advances in Bioinformatics, 2012, 2012, pp.1-5. ⟨10.1155/2012/893048⟩
Journal articles hal-00647725v1
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Spatial Computing in Synthetic Bioware: Creating Bacterial Architectures

Jonathan Pascalie , Martin Potier , Taras Kowaliw , Jean-Louis Giavitto , Olivier Michel , et al.
ECAL 2015 - 13th European Conference on Artificial Life, Paul Andrews, Leo Caves, René Doursat, Simon Hickinbotham, Fiona Polack, Susan Stepney, Tim Taylor and Jon Timmis, Jul 2015, York, United Kingdom. ⟨10.7551/978-0-262-33027-5-ch115⟩
Conference papers hal-01257528v1

Limits on $R$-parity Violation in High Scale Supersymmetry

Emilian Dudas , Tony Gherghetta , Kunio Kaneta , Yann Mambrini , Keith A. Olive
Physical Review D, 2019, 100 (3), ⟨10.1103/PhysRevD.100.035004⟩
Journal articles hal-02137778v1
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Theory and simulation of low-pressure plasma transport phenomena : Application to the PEGASES Thruster

Romain Lucken
Plasma Physics [physics.plasm-ph]. Université Paris Saclay (COmUE), 2019. English. ⟨NNT : 2019SACLX046⟩
Theses tel-02435208v1

Electrical characterization of low temperature plasma epitaxial Si grown on highly doped Si substrates

Cyril Léon , Sylvain Le Gall , Marie-Estelle Gueunier-Farret , Jean-Paul Kleider , Pere Roca I Cabarrocas Roca I Cabarrocas
28th International Conference on Amorphous and nanocrystalline Semiconductors (ICANS 28), Aug 2019, Palaiseau, France
Conference papers hal-02344032v1

Metastable Molecules in O2 Plasmas probed by High Resolution Fourier Transform Absorption Spectroscopy

Abhyuday Chatterjee , Jean-Paul Booth , Olivier Guaitella , L. Nahon , Nelson d'Oliveira , et al.
XXXIII ICPIG- International Conference on Phenomena in Ionised Gases, Jul 2017, Estoril/Lisbon, Portugal. 2017
Conference poster hal-02611353v1
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Electron irradiation induced aging effects on radiative recombination properties of quadruple cation organic-inorganic perovskite layers

Pierfrancesco Aversa , Senol Öz , Eunhwan Jung , Olivier Plantevin , Olivier Cavani , et al.
Emergent Materials, In press, 3, pp.133-160. ⟨10.1007/s42247-020-00096-z⟩
Journal articles cea-02561816v1

Density of metastable O2(b 1 Sigma g+) molecules in an O2 DC discharge measured by vacuum ultraviolet absorption and optical emission spectroscopy

Jean-Paul Booth , Olivier Guaitella , Abhyuday Chatterjee , Dmitry Lopaev , Sergey Zyryanov , et al.
71st Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference, Nov 2018, Portland, Oregon, United States. 2018
Conference poster hal-02864739v1

Spectroscopic study of an iodine plasma in a low pressure RF-ICP ion source

Florian Marmuse , Theo Courtois , Jean-Paul Booth , Cyril Drag , Ane Aanesland , et al.
71st Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference, Nov 2018, Portland, Oregon, United States. 2018
Conference poster hal-02864740v1

Measurements of density fluctuations in magnetic confined plasmas

Laure Vermare
2nd International Conference Frontiers in Diagnostic Technologies, Nov 2011, Roma, Italy
Conference papers hal-02866207v1

Core turbulence in Tokamak plasmas : observations by EM wave scattering, reflectometry and others

Pascale Hennequin
Les Houches Winter School « Dynamics and turbulent transport in plasmas and conducting fluids », Feb 2011, Les Houches, France
Conference papers hal-02866209v1

Interplay of Magnetic Shear and Resonances in Magnetic Fusion Devices

Marie-Christine Firpo , D. Constantinescu
2011 SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems, May 2011, Snowbird, Utah, United States
Conference papers hal-02866211v1

Transport of Solar Wind Across Earth's Bow Shock

G. K. Parks , E. Lee , Z. Yang , Y. Liu , S. Y. Fu , et al.
AGU Fall Meeting, Dec 2015, San Francisco, California, United States. 13, 2015
Conference poster hal-02861632v1

In situ observations of suprathermal ion acceleration in the near-Earth jet braking region

Alessandro Retinò , Y. V. Khotyaintsev , A. Vaivads , Olivier Le Contel , H.S. Fu , et al.
EGU General Assembly 2014, Apr 2014, Vienna, Austria. 16, pp.14772, 2014
Conference poster hal-02861647v1

Suprathermal electron acceleration within flux tube at magnetic flux pile-up front

A. Vaivads , Y. V. Khotyaintsev , Alessandro Retinò , H.S. Fu , E. A. Kronberg , et al.
EGU General Assembly 2014, Apr 2014, Vienna, Austria. 16, pp.3515, 2014
Conference poster hal-02861648v1

An MMS multicase study of magnetotail dipolarization fronts

D. Schmid , R. Nakamura , F. Plaschke , M. Volwerk , Y. Narita , et al.
American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, Dec 2015, San Francisco, California, United States. 51, pp.SM51A-2516, 2015
Conference poster hal-02861668v1
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Cross-scale: multi-scale coupling in space plasmas

S. J. Schwartz , T. Horbury , C. Owen , W. Baumjohann , R. Nakamura , et al.
Experimental Astronomy, 2009, 23, pp.1001-1015. ⟨10.1007/s10686-008-9085-x⟩
Journal articles hal-01553803v1

The WHISPER Relaxation Sounder and the CLUSTER Active Archive

Jean-Gabriel Trotignon , Pierrette Décréau , Jean-Louis Rauch , Xavier Vallières , A. Rochel , et al.
The Cluster Active Archive, Studying the Earth's Space Plasma Environment, pp.185-208, 2010, ⟨10.1007/978-90-481-3499-1_12⟩
Book sections istex hal-02613489v1

Introduction à la physique des plasmas

Gérard Belmont , Laurence Rezeau , C. Riconda , A. Zaslavsky
ISTE editions, 2018
Books hal-02613497v1
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On Armstrong-compliant Logical Query Languages

Marie Agier , Christine Froidevaux , Jean-Marc Petit , Yoan Renaud , Jef Wijsen
4th International Workshop on Logic in Databases, (EDBT/ICDT '10 joint conference), George H. L. Fletcher and Slawek Staworko, 2011, Uppsala, Sweden. pp.33-40
Conference papers hal-00649604v1

Thin laser beam wandering and intensity fluctuations method for evapotranspiration measurement

Antonin Poisson , Angel Fernandez , Dario Perez , Régis Barille , Jean-Charles Dupont
Optics & Laser Technology, 2016, 80, pp.33-40. ⟨10.1016/j.optlastec.2015.12.017⟩
Journal articles hal-02564449v1

Benefits and drawbacks of low magnetic shears on the confinement in magnetic fusion toroidal devices

Marie-Christine Firpo , D. Constantinescu
54th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, Oct 2012, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Conference papers hal-02866412v1

Observation of a localized radial electric field inversion in Tore Supra plasmas

Elisée Trier , Pascale Hennequin , C. Fenzi , Özgür D. Gürcan , R. Sabot , et al.
36th EPS Conference On Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, Jun 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria
Conference papers hal-02866418v1

Poloidal asymmetry of perpendicular velocity of the density fluctuations

Laure Vermare , Pascale Hennequin , Özgür D. Gürcan , Cyrille Honoré , Pierre Morel , et al.
44th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Jun 2017, Belfast, Ireland
Conference papers hal-02866433v1

Investigation of turbulence properties via spectral broadening of Doppler reflectometry signals in ASDEX Upgrade

G. D. Conway , C. Lechte , Pascale Hennequin , P. Simon , The Asdex Upgrade Team
44th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Jun 2017, Belfast, Ireland. pp.O2.107
Conference papers hal-02866435v1

Isotope dependence of limit-cycle oscillations in ASDEX Upgrade plasmas

G. Birkenmeier , T. Happel , Pascale Hennequin , G. D. Conway , P. Manz , et al.
44th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics, Jun 2017, Belfast, Ireland. pp.P1.166
Conference papers hal-02866440v1

Ion beam fluctuations in the wake of a plasma thruster

V. Pisarev , Sedina Tsikata , Cyrille Honoré , N. Lemoine , D. Grésillon
VIth Internat. Conf. on Plasma Physics and Plasma Technology, Sep 2009, Minsk, Belarus
Conference papers hal-02866830v1

Is "near edge" transport non-local?

Özgür D. Gürcan , Laure Vermare , Pascale Hennequin , Vincent Berionni , P.H. Diamond , et al.
17th Joint EU-US Transport Task Force Meeting, Sep 2012, Padova, Italy
Conference papers hal-02866836v1

High k spectra in Tore Supra : experiment, theory and modelling

Pascale Hennequin , Laure Vermare , Özgür D. Gürcan , Elisée Trier , Cyrille Honoré , et al.
US Transport Task Force Meeting, Apr 2009, San Diego, California, United States
Conference papers hal-02866844v1

Turbulence measurements during dimensionless parameters scans on Tore Supra using Doppler reflectometry

Laure Vermare , Pascale Hennequin , Özgür D. Gürcan , Cyrille Honoré , C. Bourdelle , et al.
9th International Reflectometry workshop IRW9, May 2009, Lisbon, Portugal
Conference papers hal-02866847v1