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In vivo multiphoton imaging of the cornea: Polarization-resolved second harmonic generation from stromal collagen

Gaël Latour , Ivan Gusachenko , Laura Kowalczuk , Isabelle Lamarre , Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein
Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences XII, Jan 2012, San Francisco, United States. ⟨10.1117/12.906603⟩
Conference papers hal-00100364v1

Manipulation of morphogenetic movements in live Drosophila embryos using femtosecond pulses

Willy Supatto , Delphine Débarre , Jean-Louis Martin , Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein , Emmanuel Farge , et al.
Photonics West LASE, 2006, San Jose, United States
Conference papers hal-00100369v1

Second harmonic generation by collagens I and IV: chiroptical and structural effects

Ana-Maria Pena , Thierry Boulesteix , Thibault Dartigalongue , Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein
Photonics West BIOS, 2006, San Jose, United States
Conference papers hal-00100376v1

Quaternary Structure Controls Ligand Dynamics in Soluble Guanylate Cyclase

Byung-Kuk Yoo , Isabelle Lamarre , Jean-Louis Martin , Michel Negrerie
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2012, 287, pp.6851-6859. ⟨10.1074/jbc.M111.299297⟩
Journal articles hal-00018765v1
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CO Vibration as a Probe of Ligand Dissociation and Transfer in Myoglobin

Thomas Polack , Jennifer P. Ogilvie , S. Franzen , Marten H. Vos , Manuel Joffre , et al.
Physical Review Letters, 2004, 93 (1), pp.18102. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevLett.93.018102⟩
Journal articles hal-00324466v1

Multiplex Cell and Lineage Tracking with Combinatorial Labels

Karine Loulier , Raphaëlle Barry , Pierre Mahou , Yann Le franc , Willy Supatto , et al.
Neuron, 2014, 81 (3), pp.505-520. ⟨10.1016/j.neuron.2013.12.016⟩
Journal articles hal-01086032v1
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Arbitrary-detuning asynchronous optical sampling pump-probe spectroscopy of bacterial reaction centers

Laura Antonucci , Adeline Bonvalet , Xavier Solinas , Mickael R. Jones , Marten H. Vos , et al.
Optics Letters, 2013, 38 (17), pp.3322-3324. ⟨10.1364/OL.38.003322⟩
Journal articles hal-00939595v1

Achievement of cornea-like organizations in dense collagen I solutions: clues to the physico-chemistry of cornea morphogenesis

Paulo de Sa Peixoto , Ariane Deniset-Besseau , Marc Schmutz , Anny Anglo , Corinne Illoul , et al.
Soft Matter, 2013, 9 (47), pp.11241-11248. ⟨10.1039/c3sm52097h⟩
Journal articles hal-00940724v1

Concepts to build nonlinear optical biomaterials in a bottom-up approach

G. Matar , J. Duboisset , P.-F. Brevet , F. Besson , E. Benichou , et al.
Optical Materials in Defence Systems Technology VI, Aug 2009, Berlin, Germany. ⟨10.1117/12.834084⟩
Conference papers hal-00838902v1

Fast ligand and electron transfer dynamics in oxidases and cytochrome c

Marten H. Vos
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Reviews on Bioenergetics, 2008, 1777 (Supplement), pp.S66. ⟨10.1016/j.bbabio.2008.05.259⟩
Journal articles hal-00838924v1

Combined third-harmonic generation and four-wave mixing microscopy of tissues and embryos.

Pierre Mahou , Nicolas Olivier , Guillaume Labroille , Louise Duloquin , Jean-Marc Sintes , et al.
Biomedical optics express, 2011, 2 (10), pp.2837-49. ⟨10.1364/BOE.2.002837⟩
Journal articles hal-00636949v1

Ultrafast ligand rebinding in the heme domain of the oxygen sensors FixL and Dos: general regulatory implications for heme-based sensors

Ursula Liebl , Latifa Bouzhir-Sima , Michel Négrerie , Jean-Louis Martin , Marten H. Vos
EBEC 2002 : 12th European Bioenergetics Conference, Sep 2002, Arcachon, France. pp.155
Conference papers hal-00845092v1

Heme a3-NO interactions in reduced cytochrome c oxidases: binding and recombination dynamics

Marten H. Vos , Eric Pilet , W. Nitschke , F. Rappaport , T. Soulimane , et al.
13th EUROPEAN BIOENERGETICS CONFERENCE, Aug 2004, Pisa, Italy. pp.159
Conference papers hal-00845029v1

In vivo micro-dissection and live embryo imaging by two-photon microscopy to study Drosophila melanogaster early developement

W. Supatto , E. Brouzès , Emmanuel Farge , Emmanuel Beaurepaire
Femtosecond Laser Applications in Biology 13, Apr 2004, Strasbourg, France. ⟨10.1117/12.545453⟩
Conference papers hal-00844789v1

Femtosecond intermolecular energy transfer in pure water

Wafa Amir , Guilhem Gallot , François Hache
International Quantum Electronics Conference 2004, May 2004, San Francisco, CA, United States. pp.ItuL4
Conference papers hal-00844792v1

Insight into the catalytic mechanism of thymidylate synthase ThyX of Campylobacter jejuni

S. A. Sodolescu , Sébastien Graziani , Y. Boum , H. Myllykallio , Ursula Liebl
14th International Workshop on Campylobacter, Helicobacter and Related Organisms, Sep 2007, Rotterdam, Netherlands. pp.55
Conference papers hal-00841068v1

Coherent vibrational climbing in carboxy-hemoglobin

Cathie Ventalon , James M. Fraser , Marten H. Vos , Antigoni Alexandrou , Jean-Louis Martin , et al.
Ultrafast Phenomena XIV, Jun 2004, Niigata, Japan. pp.628-630, ⟨10.1007/3-540-27213-5_192⟩
Conference papers hal-00831833v1

Intraprotein electron transfer and proton dynamics during photoactivation of DNA photolyase from E. coli: Review and new insights from an "inverse" deuterium isotope effect.

Martin Byrdin , Valérie Sartor , André P.M. Eker , Marten H. Vos , Corinne Aubert , et al.
Biochimica biophysica acta (BBA) - Bioenergetics, 2004, 1655 (12 april), pp.64. ⟨10.1016/j.bbabio.2003.07.001⟩
Journal articles hal-00831846v1

Time-lapsed SHG imaging of collagen fibrillogenesis, correlation to electronic microscopy

Stéphane Bancelin , Carole Aimé , Vaïa Machairas , Etienne Decencière , Claire Albert , et al.
Focus on microscopy, 2013, Netherlands
Conference papers hal-00881670v1

Milieux de réaction pour l'activité thymidylate synthase de la ThyX

Hannu Myllykallio , Damien Leduc , Ursula Liebl
France, N° de brevet: FR20020005585. 2005
Patents hal-01080055v1

Antimicrobial compounds of 1,4- naphtoquinone structure

Hannu Myllykallio , Tamara Basta , Yap Boum , Ursula Liebl
France, Patent n° : WO2011EP55537. 2010
Patents hal-01080259v1

Method and device for acquiring signals in laser scanning microscopy (extension internationale du brevet EP20100708273)

Emmanuel Beaurepaire , Israel Veilleux , Nicolas Olivier , Delphine Debarre , Jean-Louis Martin
United States, Patent n° : WO2010089504 ; US2011296562. 2010
Patents hal-01082210v1

Coherent broadband pulse shaping in the mid infrared

Nadia Belabas , Jean-Pierre Likforman , Lionel Canioni , Bruno Bousquet , Manuel Joffre
Optics Letters, 2001, 26 (10), pp.743. ⟨10.1364/OL.26.000743⟩
Journal articles hal-00837025v1
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Second harmonic imaging and scoring of collagen in fibrotic tissues.

Mathias Strupler , Ana-Maria Pena , Monica Hernest , Pierre-Louis Tharaux , Jean-Louis Martin , et al.
Optics Express, 2007, 15 (7), pp.4054-4065. ⟨10.1364/OE.15.004054⟩
Journal articles hal-00824058v1

Utilisation d'un polypeptide THYX ou d'un acide nucléique codant un tel polypeptide, notamment pour le criblage de composés anti-bactériens ou anti-viraux

Ursula Liebl , Gérard Lipowski , Jean-Louis Martin , Hannu Myllykallio
France, N° de brevet: FR20010010401. 2001
Patents hal-01079107v1

Detection of ultrafast infrared electric fields by chirped-pulse upconversion

Kevin J. Kubarych , Manuel Joffre
15th International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena, Jul 2007, Pacific Groove, United States. pp.TuE5, ⟨10.1364/UP.2006.TuE5⟩
Conference papers hal-00844172v1

In vivo analysis of Drosophila embryo developmental dynamics by femtosecond pulse-induced ablation and multimodal nonlinear microscopy

W. Supatto , Delphine Débarre , Bruno B. Moulia , E. Brouzés , Jean-Louis Martin , et al.
Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences V, Jan 2005, San Jose, CA, United States. pp.256, ⟨10.1117/12.589425⟩
Conference papers hal-00844505v1

New biological labels based on functionalized YVO4:Eu nanoparticles

Domitile Giaume , V. Buissette , K. Lahlil , Thierry Gacoin , Jean-Pierre Boilot , et al.
MRS Fall Meeting - Symposium AA - Nanoscale Materials Science in Biology and Medicine, Nov 2004, Boston, MA, United States. pp.AA6.2, ⟨10.1557/PROC-845-AA6.2⟩
Conference papers hal-00844507v1

An all-optical approach to modulate and quantitatively analyse embryo morphogenetic movements by using ultrashort laser pulses

Willy Supatto , Delphine Débarre , Bruno B. Moulia , Emmanuel Farge , Emmanuel Beaurepaire
Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues IV, Jan 2006, San Jose, CA, United States. ⟨10.1117/12.645897⟩
Conference papers hal-00841071v1
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Ex vivo multiscale quantitation of skin biomechanics in wild-type and genetically-modified mice using multiphoton microscopy

Stéphane Bancelin , Barbara Lynch , Christelle Bonod-Bidaud , Guillaume Ducourthial , Sotiris Psilodimitrakopoulos , et al.
Scientific Reports, 2015, 5, pp.17635 ⟨10.1038/srep17635⟩
Journal articles hal-01252023v1