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Welcome to the Open Access scientific publications portal of the École Polytechnique

HAL Polytechnique is the institutional platform of deposit and consultation of scientific papers made by researchers of the 23 laboratories of the École Polytechnique. Its ambition is to contribute to the development of the scientific information’s open access, to optimize visibility of École Polytechnique in scientific domains, and to preserve the scientific production of its researchers. From this portal, you can browse documents deposited, grouped by laboratory, author or scientific domain.

You can also access to the publications of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris in the dedicated portal.

In order to deposit in HAL-Polytechnique, you must create an account.

To deposit a full-text paper, you must verify publishers’ policies on self-archiving in open access. They are available on SHERPA/RoMEO website. You can also contact us.

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